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Should You Continue to Job Search in the Summer?

If you are looking for a job right now, then it is likely that at least one person has advised you to take the summer off.  They may have said that nobody gets hired during the summer because not much is happening and most managers are away on vacation.  However, this is absolutely not true.  In many companies it is business as usual in the summer and if the company is experiencing a slow period, the managers may be using that lull to build up a strong team for when business picks up again.  Make no mistake; there are definite advantages to job searching in the summer:

It a a time of transition.  Since we were children in school, September has always been the ideal time to start something new.  People often plan career moves for September because it seems like a natural time to make a change.  As a result, positions tend to open up in the summer, particularly in August.

There is less competition.  A lot of job seekers mistakenly make the decision to take the summer off.  As a result, there are less applications submitted for open positions.  Many of the people who are looking for jobs are students who are seeking summer employment.  Most full time job seekers will wait until September to start their search.

There is lots happening.  With all those great summer events going on, you have a multitude of opportunities to meet and connect with many different people.  This gives you the chance to make new contacts and to strengthen the connections that you've already made. Take advantage of as many of these opportunities as you can; before long we'll all be hibernating in our living rooms while there is a winter storm outside.

Interviewers have more time.  Summer is the off season for many businesses.  Since the managers aren't scrambling, they can actually pay attention at your interview, giving you more of an opportunity to shine.  People tend to be in better moods during the summer.  Make use of this time to connect with the managers and show that you would be a great fit for the organization.

Trying to find a job can be such a competitive process that job seekers need to take advantage of every opportunity that they can get.  By acting differently from other job seekers, you can set yourself apart from the herd and possibly get the employer's attention.  Other job seekers may see summer job searching as a waste of time, but if you step up your efforts during this season, you may find yourself comfortably sitting in a job when they are just dusting off their resume.


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